Traffic Jam

Vernon - June 2008

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Weekend Call to Prayer
Sept. 26-28, 2008


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Human Trafficking is a global issue of great concern - one which The Salvation Army has chosen to target and make a difference.

Right now, the largest slave trade in history is taking place around the world. This slavery, called human trafficking, is a hidden evil that affects everyone, but especially women and children. Human trafficking is cloaked in darkness, confusion, fear, misunderstanding and control and many who try to take action, feel overwhelmed by the size of the task. As persons of faith, however, we can call on an Almighty God who longs for us to join our hearts and prayers on behalf of those who suffer.

To continue in this battle against the exploitation of women and children, please see the Resources menu above with ideas on how you as an individual or as a group can pray, fundraise, create awareness and help in the effort to expose and eliminate Human Trafficking.

Together we will make a difference.



>> Freedom Fridays
Prayer info

>> Public Statement of the International Network of Religious Against Trafficking in Persons (INRATIP)


Presenation to Parliamentary Standing Committee
on Women's Rights
Capt. Danielle Strickland of the Salvation Army presented a document to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Women's Rights regarding Human Trafficking in Ottawa in Oct.2006.


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You can make a difference Jesus can use each individual to help fight for social justice Jesus is amazing!  If you see this image tag you should know that He is THE way... not a way!  Grace!
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